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"Availability by Design"
Long Availability! Great Viewing Angles, Wide Temp Range and Resolution, Glass Touch!
Medical Displays
Glass Touch for Sterile Use, GREAT Contrast and Viewing Angle, Long Availability with HDMI
For Heavy Industry
Engineered to be RUGGED, Excellent Temperature, Sunlight and All WEATHER performance!
Rack, Audio, Broadcast
720P, 2U form factor, Great Viewing Angles and Contrast, Flush Capacitive Touch "optional"
Marine Applications
Wide Viewing Angle, Sunlight Readable and ALL WEATHER GLOVED TOUCH!


At PIXELNEXT, our 13 years entrenched in the industrial display industry has led us to a CRUCIAL belief. Your desire for a"long availability" Instrument Grade or Industrial Grade display can best be managed "BY DESIGN".
Ask us what we mean when we promise you a display that is "Availability by Design".


World Class Optics

Our longevity of relationships in Global Supply chain sourcing enables us to insure extraordinary optical color display panels.

Enhanced Backlight Expertise

An extensive history extending backlight brightness, operating lifetime and thermal characteristics can be relied upon to bring you the industrial solution you require.

Industrial Touch Screen Expertise

Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) is NOW common. What is NOT common is our experience with extending this technology or our Glass 5 Wire Resistive to your all weather and/or heavy gloved touch capability.

Experienced HDMI Engineering

We have made a significant investment in adding HDMI interfaces to our "Availability by Design" displays. That investment extends to our adoption of HDMI to insure your product ships fully tested including working with your engineering team on any BIOS related requirements that might arise.

Face Impact Hardened Displays

Watch our video on display impact options. We have invested in sourcing glass partners and qualified manufacturing solutions for the lens combinations you require to meet any industrial requirement and certification.

Optical Bonding

Optical Clear Resin (OCR) optical bonding for superior visibility, all weather performance and improved face impact resistance. Performed in our newly qualified CLASS 1K facility. While most factories operate in CLASS 10K, we have made the investment to move to Class 1K to meet the increased demands of our medical customers. Check out the video!

Quality Assurance Lab

Our fully provisioned and staffed quality assurance lab is in the United States to EXPEDITE any product concerns should they arise .

Engineering Design Support

Our sales professionals are all Degreed Engineers. That is what it takes to efficiently move you from requirement to solution!

PIXELNEXT Display Features

Extraordinary Optics

All PIXELNEXT displays are leading edge technologies such as IPSL or modern MVA variants. Superior viewing angle performance, black depth, color reproduction and depth and fast response times to make your design look great in any environment.

Industrial Touch or Cover Lens

Our displays are available with an optional touch screen or cover lens. In keeping with our elevated engineering goals, we only use glass lens for a true 7 Mohs hardness to protect against damage and failure.

USB HID Touch Interface

PIXELNEXT touch equipped displays have USB Human Interface Devices (HID) compliant controllers. Why? Because as with HDMI, our customers also share our belief that isolating the touch IC from their embedded computer with a HID compliant touch driver makes tremendous sense over the life of their design.

Single 5 Volt Operation

To remain consistent with our goal for ease of use, all of our displays operate from a single 5 volt input.

HDMI interface

PIXELNEXT has moved past RGB and LVDS display interfaces. We have invested in HDMI technology for all of our displays. Why? Because our customers agree with our conclusions HDMI interface offers the best solution for a 7 year design life requirement that will NOT change electrical, mechanical or software requirements over their product lifetime.

PWM Backlight Control

All displays are designed with a backlight driver that includes Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) external control input.

NEMA capable gaskets

3M die cut gaskets for reliable mounting and sealing.

ABS Carriers

Allows for either flush or backside mounting options and "Availability by Design" mechanical form factor protection over the life of your product.

...and Development Kits, CAD services!

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Oh yeah! Don't forget about our services!

Custom Services: While our displays are designed to be flexible, if you need modifications, we can get help!

Custom Cut TFT Panels
Custom Cut TFT Panels

We have designed many Horizontal Cut TFT glass panels and custom backlights to meet a wide range of mechanical design constraints such as 1U and 2U rack form factors.

Linux Support
Linux Driver Support

We'll work with you on your Operating System issues in the rare occasion your embedded system needs screen resolution or touch driver modification.

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Custom Touch or Cover Lens

We have designed many modified cover lenses for size or silk screened graphics. We also have CAD engineers on staff to check the modification with your engineers BEFORE we tool the change.

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Embedded Engineering Services

OnChip offers design services for the end-to-end development of embedded products in Industrial, Medical and Automotive sectors. They use their IPs to develop fast embedded middleware, rich applications and interactive GUI for electronics.

TS-6800 X86 SBC
Long Availability SBCs

Technologic Systems maintains extended life cycles on all of their embedded computers and peripherals. The vast majority of their products are still in production 10 to 12 years after initial release.

** When your next product must have an exceptional industrial display at a competitive cost, think of PIXELNEXT, your "Availability by Design" partner..

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What they have to Say!

Its a real pleasure working with a partner and NOT a vendor. Thank you for the support!

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What they have to Say!

That is why we are relying on you to manage the TFT and IC changes from China. So we don't have to!

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