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Key Partners

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Over the last 15 years they have been industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of display products.
Manufacture of TFT display and control components, touch systems, LED backlight and other flat optoelectronic display components. Their solutions offer the most competitive and satisfying products available in the market place today. This factory has been certificated by ISO9000, TS 1649 Automotive.

OnChip Technologies - Embedding Intelligence

Their Engineering Team is comprised of embedded software engineers and hardware design engineers having a deep understanding of microprocessor and microcontroller architectures as well as extensive experience on developing applications for embedded products including applications for Linux, WinCE, Android and other embedded OS.

KFYT Electronics Technology Co, Ltd.

KFYT electronics in Shenzhen China has been engaged in PCBA one-stop service OEM manufacturing for 8 years. They have 3 high-speed high precision SMT produce lines , 1 DIP product line and a functional test team.
They are also fully equipped with AOI , LRC, CMU test facilities. Markets include tablet computers, satellite telecom, receivers, broadcast audio and video, instrumentation and industrial control.

Saiming International

SAIMING International is a professional mechanical manufacturer with a factory in Gong Ming Shenzhen which was set up in 2004. With years of continuous investment and improvement they are now a “One-Stop” manufacturing center covering 14,000 square meters in 4 separate buildings.
With a highly skilled workforce of 400 people of which 20 are engineers and 6 are senior engineers with more than 10 years experience.
They host14 plastic injection machines ranging form 80 tons force to 300 tons of injection force.


"We have experienced very good interaction with this staff of Product Engineers, PCBA fab partners and Jan, the CAD manager, throughout our recent projects.
We greatly look forward to working with them as the new PIXELNEXT staff in the future. It has always been great working with them."

Mahendra Kumar - OnChip Technologies

A bit about our team...

For over 13 years we have shared a passion to deliver extraordinary product at a competitive cost over the long life your product requires. ...

When a team is assembled with individuals who are talented, capable and most importantly dedicated to their craft, profession and you the customer the improbable becomes commonplace. You receive exceptional product and service.
The commitments we make to you as a strategic business partner are unmatched in the industry. This extends to the suppliers we have assembled around us. Each supplier has been selected and nurtured to be an integral extension of PIXELNEXT. And that translates into our commitment to long term relationships extends to our relationship with them as it does with you.
I can guarantee we will be consultative, responsive and collaborative. If we DON'T have what you need or if we are NOT in a position to deliver as promised, we will point you in the right direction, even if it is toward a competitor! YOU HAVE OUR WORD ON IT.

Meet the team...

A diverse group with extraordinary talents and positive personalities to match. We have all worked together and a wide variety of industrial, medical, marine, instrument and heavy equipment projects span the known and occasionally the unknown. Check us out.

Gregory Hayes

Gregory Hayes

President - With 30 years in the technology sector, a consultative approach has evolved. Matching the best of what an Asian factory can offer to the often opposing expectations and demands of the Industrial Western Customer is my greatest success.


Wellington Chun

Wellington Chun

Product Director - Also with 30 years in the technology sector, Wellington's 21 years of experience in embedded computing as well as his 9 years in the embedded display industry significantly compliments the team.


Danielle Whitney

Danielle Whitney

Marketing Director - Danielle has worked with the PIXELNEXT staff for 5 years in web content marketing as well as internship management. Knoxville is a High Technology University Town. Danielle is crucial in leveraging those resources.



Jan Maigue

CAD Manager - Jan has worked with the PIXELNEXT team for several years to design components for TFT displays, Touch Screens and ABS bezels in a rapid prototype environment while utilizing in house 3D printers, domestic and international partners.


Dana Yao

Dana Yao

Supply Chain Manager - Asia Pacific. Dana has worked with the PIXELNEXT team for 5 years. She is invaluable in sourcing factories that rise to our strict Availability by Design expectations in mainland China. Samples, pilots and production lots are produced correctly the FIRST TIME without surprise!